What is Renewable Energy?

Renewable energy uses energy sources that are continually replenished by nature - the sun, the wind, water, the Earth's heat, and plants. Renewable energy technologies turn these fuels into usable forms of energy - most often electricity, but also heat, chemicals, or mechanical power.

Why Use Renewable Energy?

Today we primarily use fossil fuels to heat and power our homes and fuel our cars. It's convenient to use coal, oil, and natural gas for meeting our energy needs, but we have a limited supply of these fuels on the Earth. We're using them much more rapidly than they are being created. Eventually, they will run out. Renewable energy can help fill the gap.

House 1 3D

House 1 3D

Solar Water Heating

Solar energy can be used to heat water for your home or your swimming pool. Most solar water-heating systems consist of a solar collector and a water storage tank. Solar water-heating systems use collectors, generally mounted on a south-facing roof, to heat either water or a heat-transfer fluid, such as a nontoxic antifreeze. Click here to read more.

Solar electricity

Solar electricity or photovoltaic (PV) technology converts sunlight directly into elec tricity. Solar electricity has been a prime source of power for space vehicles since the inception of the space program. It has also been used to power small electronics and rural and agricultural applications for three decades. During the last decade, a strong solar electric market has emerged for powering urban grid-connected homes and buildings as a result of advances in solar technology along with global changes in electric industry restructuring. Click here to read more.

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House 1 3D

Wind Energy

For hundreds of years, people have used windmills to harness the wind's energy. Today's wind turbines, which operate differently from windmills, are a much more efficient technology. Wind turbine technology may look simple: the wind spins turbine blades around a central hub; the hub is connected to a shaft, which powers a generator to make electric- ity. However, turbines are highly sophisticated power systems that capture the wind's energy by means of new blade designs or airfoils. Modern, mechanical drive systems, combined with advanced generators, convert that energy into electricity. Click here to read more.

Carbon Free and Climate Friendly

Global climate change is today's most pressing issue. Buildings alone are responsible for 40% of the total energy used in the World. Zero energy homes are one of the cornerstones of a reduced carbon future that is not reliant on fossil fuels. With a zero energy home, you control where your home's energy comes from with every flip of the light switch, every day. The Zero Energy Project is here to connect you with resources and empower you to take action.

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