Conference paper

Jayapalan Nair, R., E. Brembilla, C. J. Hopfe, and J. Mardaljevic, Usability evaluation of a building simulation web-based design guide on potential user group, In BauSIM conference 2020 (Accepted for publication), TU Graz, Austria, 23-25 September 2020.

The paper summarises the results of the usability testing exercise of a new building performance simulation (BPS) based guide that offers assistance for designing high performance residential buildings. The guide, presented via a web-based platform aims to assist practitioners and policymakers during the early building design stage to achieve higher thermal and daylight performance. This study focused on (a) assessing the usability of the contents of the guide in assisting users during the early design-stages and (b) identifying design/navigation issues, for the web-platform, that would affect the user experience. The results of the usability testing showed that the participants generally perceived the design guide easy to use and valuable during early design stages. The participants found the concept of providing the guide via an interactive web-based platform useful, as it would be easily accessible to a wide range of audience. Furthermore, the participants provided suggestions on areas for possible future improvements.