About the guide

This is a residential building design guide which is developed to assist during the early stages, to design buildings that exhibit high thermal and daylight performance, for the first instance, in the State of Kerala, India.

In Kerala, one of the 29 states in India, the construction of buildings is governed by Kerala Municipality Building Rule and Kerala Panchayat Building Rule. The latest update (2019) of these building rules does not provide any measure to ensure energy efficiency in the construction of new residential buildings. In this context, a new Buiding Performance Simulation based design guide is developed. This guide aims to assist practitioners and policymakers during early-stage design to achieve higher thermal and daylight performance.

This guide is based on the research carried out at Loughborough University. The research focused on the needs at the State level, to develop a residential building design method to assist during the early stages, in the construction of buildings that would exhibit high performance. The study in the first instance focused on the State of Kerala. Click here to read more.

Steps involved in selecting the desired building design

Step 1

Select the location

The first step is to choose the location of interest.

The location can be selected from the list provided in the page or by searching for it. To know more watch the video

Step 2


Select the building context.

The second step is to select the building context.

The building context could be open low-rise buildings, dense low-rise buildings or open high-rise buildings.

Step 3

Select the building type.

The third step is to select the building type.

The designs provided in this guide are for three representative building forms. For other baseforms (designs), thermal and daylight performance benchmarks are provided.

Step 4

Select the orientation of the building.

The third step is to select the orientation.

The orientation of the building in this context refers to the direction in which the main door of the building faces.

Step 5

Select your building's design priority.

The next step is to define the design priority.

The purpose of this guide is to assist in the designing of building that exhibit hight thermal and daylight performance. So depending on your priority you could also select whether you want designs for buildings that would exhibit high thermal and/or daylight performance.


Step 6

Select your building design.

The final step is to select your building design.

To know more watch the video

Design Report

The final output from the design guide.

Based on the design you have selected, the report is generated. You can download this report.

Click here to view a sample of the design report.


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